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Kari L. Carlson, MD, Chief, Department of Ob/Gyn, Kaiser Permanente, Redwood City

"Working with George was an amazing experience. His attention to detail ensured that our finished video program was flawless. He made sure that the project stayed on task, and on time, fulfilling the vision and goals we had specified. George always welcomed feedback and was always open to try different approaches in order to get the desired result we wanted. I felt valued and included every step of the way, despite my relative inexperience with video production. His passion comes through in the quality of his work and I am honored and proud to have worked with George and our team to develop such an important, impactful program." October, 2015

Andy and Lisa Sheldon, Partners, Plus Two Marketing

"We run a marketing agency and work with George professionally as a Director of Photography and editor. His attention to detail, professionalism and “whatever it takes” attitude produce fantastic results that make our clients happy. George was an obvious choice for us to take family photos. We selected one of the wonderful murals that adorn the Mission district of San Francisco as our backdrop and color palette. With his keen eye, direction and patience we now have some great photos to share with friends and family. He was even able to get our Australian Shepherd, Archie, to sit still and look at the camera! Bravo George and thanks for making all of us smile." November, 2013

Penny O'Malley, Interim CNO, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, South San Francisco

"Recently our hospital needed to produce a video to tell the story of how the staff went above and beyond to organize and deliver care to a terminal patient wanting to die with dignity at home. As I had worked with George Uibel and theOPENFRAME to produce an excellent training video for the hospital before, I chose to work with George again. The program we produced this time is a sensitive story that moved the audience while delivering the intended motivational message. George's experience in working in a hospital setting with nurses and doctors and their schedules facilitated the production process. His mastery of his craft served us well in delivering a very professional product within the short timeframe required." October, 2013

Dave Frederick, Sr. Director Corporate Marketing, Tintri

"I had the opportunity to work with theOpenFrame and George Uibel for the first time at VMworld, our industry’s largest annual event. George was hired to shoot the presentations in our in-booth theater. That’s what he was hired to do—what he ended up doing was much more. George took on the role of producer, talent wrangler, still photographer, and audio technician—essentially doing whatever was necessary to help us have a successful event and high-quality video. His work ethic is an example to all and he integrated himself into the staff so well, many of our employees thought he was a new hire. George continued the great service into the editorial phase of the project and again went above and beyond expectations to produce polished videos from a very challenging shooting environment. I would not hesitate to hire George again—in fact, I already have." September 19, 2013

​Lynn Nawahine, Samaritan House Director of Development

“Samaritan House was privileged to have George Uibel donate his time and talent to create a polished, professional, and moving video about our agency’s food program. George brought great enthusiasm and excitement to the project, and created a video that captured some truly compelling moments from our clients and staff. The video was shown at our annual fundraiser dinner for 400 of our closest friends and supporters, and provided a very special way of telling the story of our food program and its impact in the community. George is a gifted videographer with an eye for capturing impactful moments that resonate with an audience. ​ His video is proudly displayed on our homepage, and it will continue to serve us in our promotional and outreach efforts.”

​Patricia Schneider

“I hired George Uibel, twice,once to tell the colorful story of my 80 year old dad whose passion is music and barbershop harmony, and a second time, to tell the story of my mother and aunt who as young twin girls spent several years in an orphanage while my grandmother served as an Army nurse. George’s passion for his work (videography & photography) combined with extraordinary sensitivity and ability to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in comfortable conversations creates compelling and memorable stories that inspire generations. Whether it is a poignant moment from the past, capturing a turn of phrase, or gently asking questions to frame an experience, George has refined and elevated the art of personal memoir. Don’t miss it.” March 22, 2012​


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